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The World Diplomatic for Justice and Peace Organization has offices in several locations around the world, including Washington D.C. in the United States, London in the United Kingdom, Canberra in Australia, and Wellington in New Zealand. These offices serve as hubs for the organization's diplomatic and peace-building efforts in their respective regions.

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About us

World Diplomatic for Justice and Peace Organization, a subsidiary of the CBHADMIN-GROUP, focuses on developing the skills and leadership of emerging leaders and diplomats through training and guidance in the areas of diplomacy, global mediation, and peace arbitration. These individuals then have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors for the organization in their home countries, promoting initiatives and projects related to global peace and diplomacy, sustainable development, and other relevant diplomatic issues. The organization also hosts an annual World Diplomatic Summit in various locations worldwide.


Our mission is to engage global leaders and governments, to provide strategic solutions to the most pressing issues facing the world and to create ideas that help improve the state of the world.


Through diplomacy, good governance and strategic solutions to activate and support organizations and institutions around the world, change lives and improve the state of the world, these strategies and solutions help build a peaceful and sustainable world through the global goals of the United Nations.

Wise Leadership

We are building a new world, a world of peace and diplomacy, based on the legacy of our ancestors, and creating a world better than all humankind's hopes.


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